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  • Gel coat is the only finish used on anything fiberglass

  • Understanding Pool Gelcoat for Fiberglass Pools

    Fiberglass Swimming Pools - Hot tubs - Spa's - Baptismal

    Gel coat (known as swimming pool paint)

    Even the best pools in the world need refinishing after about twenty years. Some fiberglass pool owners have used paint or epoxy in an attempt to restore their swimming pools. Rubber based paint or 2 part epoxy are not made for fiberglass pools, spa's, or hot tubs, and they don't work well.

    Now, pool owners can restore their pool to it's original beauty and stain free condition with Fibre-Shelkote  gel coat, made for fiberglass swimming pools, spas, hot tubs, sliding boards, and baptistery.

    Gel coat was the original finish on every fiberglass swimming pool when it was manufactured at the factory. High quality gel coat is used by every fiberglass pool manufacturer for long lasting beauty. Gel coat provides a hard, bright, non-porous finish, which protects the resins and fiberglass.

    When the gel coat loses its ability to protect the fiberglass, it begins to blister and stain. Fiberglass swimming pool manufacturers neglect to mention this aspect of maintenance when you buy the pool. Nevertheless, it will eventually happen to every fiberglass pool. The better the pool (usually more expensive), the longer it takes before resurfacing is necessary. Be sure to read Swimming pool preparation and gel coat application instructions.

    Do It Yourself and Save Thousands of Dollars

    All you need to do is remove the existing gel coat, do any patching necessary by following our instructions, wash the area with solvent, then roll one new coat of Fibre-Shelkote II vinyl ester resin, and three new coats of swimming pool gel coat onto the surface. Upon completion, the pool will look like it's brand new and be stain-free, algae-free, and leak-free once again.

    Most fiberglass repairs can be completed in one day.

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