Gel Coat Application

How to Apply gel coat and vinyl ester resin by Fibre-Shelkote Products, LLC

NOTE: These directions apply only to a fiberglass swimming pool, spa, hot tub, or baptistery that was manufactured in a factory and dropped into the ground.

These directions do not apply to a swimming pool, spa, hot tub, or baptistery that was re-surfaced with fiberglass. If your pool was previously re-surfaced, please visit our corporate web site at UGlassIt Pool Resurfacing, Inc. ( for complete instructions.

Fiberglass pool refinishing is always necessary after about 15-20 years of use. These pools are known for strength and durability, but eventually they will need some cosmetic help. Hot tubs with water heated to 102ยบ will need new swimming pool gel coat (sometimes referred to as fiberglass pool paint) even sooner.

The "facelift" is a 7 step process which will restore the pool, spa, hot tub, or baptistery to its original beauty and watertight condition for many years to come.

Fiberglass Shell Only

Remove the existing gel coat, the outside color which is usually white or blue, by sandblasting (recommended), We recommend that you contact a professional sand blasting contractor for the gel coat removal on a swimming pool. A typical fiberglass pool will cost between $1,200.00 and $1,400.00, provided we speak with the contractor before he starts the job.

The gel coat can also be removed by hand using the right tool for the job. It is nothing more than unskilled labor who are willing to work. A 15' x 30' fiberglass swimming pool should take about 20 hours of labor to remove most of the gel coat.


Sand blasting off gel coat on a swimming pool is not possible with inexpensive rental (Home Depot, Lowe's, etc.) sand blasting equipment, however their equipment works well on spa's, fiberglass steps, and hot tubs.

1. Remove nearly all existing gel coat. Have contractor remove all sand.

2. Repair any holes or deep impressions with Fibre-Shelkote putty. Let dry, then lightly sand down the putty to contour of surrounding gel coat.

3. Clean the pool with water and let dry overnight.

4. Wash down the surface with solvent immediately prior to the first gel coat application.

5. Roll-on one coating of Fibre-Shelkote Vinyl Ester Resin. Cover the entire pool surface doing the walls first, then the flat bottom.

6. As soon as the side you started with is dry, but still a little tacky, roll-on the first coat of Fibre-Shelkote gel coat. Cover the entire pool surface doing the walls first, then the flat bottom.

7. As soon as the bottom is completely dry with no tackiness (1-4 hours depending on temperature and direct sunlight), roll-on the second coating of Fibre-Shelkote gel coat (a third coating is optional). Outdoor pools must remain empty to cure for 3 full days, indoor pools for 5 full days.